A spy – thriller set in the Middle East, AL JAZZAR was joint winner of the Australian / Vogel $10,000 Literary Award in 1981.

Suddenly, the Middle East is teetering on the brink of all out war, and this time it may be too late to pull back.
The leadership of the PLO has been swept aside by one of a new breed of guerilla fighters, the sophisticated and ruthless AL JAZZAR .( The Butcher)

Simultaneous PLO attacks in Jordan and France unleash a bitter struggle to overthrow the Hashemite monarchy and raise the spectre of uncontrolled terrorism raging through European capitals.
A Russian spy is exposed at the heart of the Israeli government, shaking the Jewish state to its foundations.
As AL JAZZAR surges towards its savage, unexpected conclusion, this alarmingly believable novel shows that in the volatile world of Middle East politics, nothing can be taken for granted.

SACRED SITE: The story of Australia’s spiritual awakening…
For Robin ‘Robbo’ Crooks, the owner of the outback Buggaree pub, the new gold / uranium mine at nearby Abdication Creek means the difference between impending bankruptcy and certain riches. After a lifetime on the bones of his bum, he has the one big chance to make a packet.
That is until the anti-mining Greenies arrive on the hot and dusty scene. Then the local Dreamtime rainbow-serpent, Awanka, raises his big ugly head. The new confrontation quickly becomes a national Aboriginal land rights test case.
Suddenly all bets are off. Will it be a mining site or a Sacred Site?
Swamped by national news crews, demonstrators and an imminent outback papal tour, Robbo Crooks finds his hands more than full, and the prospects of his future wealth disappearing like a desert mirage…

Published 1994.

In Canberra, Australia, it is a new era. Suave Coalition Prime minister Paul Magroine now occupies the Lodge with his glamorous silicon enhanced wife. And what a team they are! Paul and Pat Magroine have all the political charisma and cleavage Australia has long yearned for.
With the able assistance of his genius senior adviser, Dr. Reinmann Assberger, Prime Minister Paul Magroine sets about solving all of those pressing national issues that have been left lying in the ‘Too Hard’ basket by his predecessors.
Clime Change…Complete Gender Equality…Indigenous Identification…Islamic Radicalisation…Ban the Burka? Or ban the ‘budgie’ smugglers?
But can Prime Minister Paul Magroine do it? The odds seem stacked against him. Enjoying a political honeymoon, the new Labor Opposition Leader Tom Catt is well ahead in the polls. The federal election is looming and the balance of power in the Senate is held by the anti-pokies senator, Cyclops Alkiabides.

But is the anti-gambling senator hiding a dreadful career threatening secret? And then there is the issue of the Dutch anti-Islam campaigner Bert Wildebeest who is touring the country creating mayhem where ever he goes. Add in claims of media bias, Public Service incompetence, homophobia, Islamophobia, nymphomania, misogyny, bigotry, union thuggery and neo-fascist racism…and we have the Canberra that we all know and love.

Published 2017.